Taza: Stone Ground Chocolate Drinks (Boston, MA)

The Ancient Mayans were the first people to cultivate chocolate. However, unlike the sweet chocolate bars and decadent chocolate cakes and sundaes, which we all know and love today, the Mayans preferred their chocolate consumed as thick, bitter, and frothy drinks.

For those chocolate-lovers interested in trying a Mayan inspired coco, The Taza Chocolate Bar gives you a taste of ancient chocolate bitterness with modern day sweet, at their unique organic and free-trade store located at Boston Public Market (a year-round, indoor, locally sourced market place).

image1 (1)

At The Taza Chocolate store, you can see the chocolate ground into powder, before being mixed into the drink of your choice – hot or cold.



Displayed at the store front are also a bounty of spices (e.g., cinnamon, ginger, chili) and nut butters that they use in their drinks, as well as large fluffy marshmallows.

We chose the cold Taza Tella to share and a churro with a spiral of caramel (which was delicious!!) all for $7. The consistency of the Taza Tella was a little too nutty for us, but it was definitely lots of fun to share this special chocolate treat, and to watch the friendly Taza chocolate connoisseurs whip up our drink for us.

If you’re passing by the area, give Taza a try, and most definitely get a churro!






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